Our church name “Living Faith” is a testament to the people who worship, study, and fellowship together. When we live our faith in Christ we practice living the love that God gives us in Christ Jesus and fulfill our purpose as His church. At LFLC we proclaim, witness, and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But we don’t stop there. We also help, support, show mercy and compassion to those in need. We go into the world, as Ambassadors for Christ.


Relief is a provider to receiver dynamic. We provide, others receive. Relief is appropriate when a natural or man-made crisis is at hand. It is immediate, necessary and temporary. Some examples of relief are food bank collection, clothing drive, flood buckets, backpacks and personal care kits for homeless.


Relationship is a provider to participator dynamic. The goal is to not do things for people that can do for themselves, but to move people closer to being in a right relationship with God, self, and others. Some examples of relationship are everyday evangelism, tutoring, prayer teams, and mentoring.


Reconciliation is a Giver to receiver dynamic. God gives, we receive. Reconciliation is God’s highest priority, for all to be saved. Reconciliation is not to make people materially wealthy but to lead them to Christ and the promise of the Cross. God in His infinite mercy, reconciles his people to Himself, does not count our transgressions and entrusts us with the message. Examples of reconciliation are Baptism, Lord’s Supper, corporate worship, Bible study, and intentional witnessing.

Opportunities to Serve

At Living Faith Lutheran Church we partner with many local, LCMS District, and worldwide missions. Here is a list of current opportunities to serve in Relief, Relationship, or Reconciliation.

Kairos Network
The word Kairos means the suitable, appointed, or perfect time to do something. In 2 Corinthians 6:2, St. Paul writes “Behold, now is the favorable time (kairos); behold, now is the day of salvation." Paul says, now is the favorable time because the redemption of the world has already been accomplished. It has already been done. All sin has been paid for. Hell and judgment lie vanquished. Salvation has been concretely and objectively accomplished for all people through the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Christ our Lord. The Kairos Network is a mission planting initiative from the confessional, Lutheran perspective that lives in the concrete and objective realities of Christ’s Word and Work. Now is the time! To find out more about how the Kairos Network is starting Word and Sacrament churches or how to support one of these missions, contact Pastor Droegemueller at (770) 887-0184.  Learn more.

The Lutheran Church of Pakistan
Vicar Jay Dass and his wife Julie are working with the LCMS Board of International Mission to establish a Biblical Lutheran Church in the country of Pakistan. You can find out more at www.LCMSPakistan.com.

Stepping Stone Mission
Ministering to the homeless in Atlanta. Regular clothing drives, personal care kits, backpack donations are collected at LFLC throughout the year. Learn more.

Next Generation Focus
Mentoring children in grades K-5 with afterschool homework help, friendship, and activity. LFLC currently offers Smarter Me® Homework Club on Wednesday and Thursday through the school year. We also have begun Wednesday ESL classes. Learn more

The Place of Forsyth
The Place helps people in Forsyth County with emergency basic needs. Monthly food bank collection, serving a noon day meal, and supporting the Thrift Store are a few ways we partner. Learn more

Habitat for Humanity
Thrivent Financial partners with Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia to sponsor builds throughout the north Georgia area. In 2016 there will be two home builds in Forsyth County. LFLC members have participated on past projects in Cherokee County as well. Learn more

Thrivent Action Teams
As a membership organization of Christians, Thrivent Financial wants to make it easy for members to be active in helping us live out our full mission – so more members, their families and communities thrive. LFLC members lead numerous Thrivent Action Teams through the year, making it easy to support a cause they care about. It's not a gift or grant program. It's a one-time volunteer project – fundraiser, service activity or education event. Thrivent Financial offers seed-money, promotional materials and T-shirts to make it easy for members to bring a team together to make a difference at LFLC and in our community. For more information on how to become a Thrivent member contact Pat DeLuca 216-789-6057 or patrick.deluca@Thrivent.com. 

District and Worldwide Missions
We as a church support the mission work of the LCMS, the Florida/Georgia District, Lutheran World Relief, and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML).

Looking to volunteer?

Here are some opportunities to serve at Living Faith.